Harley-Davidson® Warranty

Harley-Davidson Warranty Services offer a simple range of comprehensive products designed especially for the Harley-Davidson rider. Whether you own a brand new bike straight off the line or a Harley-Davidson Originals used bike you benefit from the same great levels of protection regardless.

Our Harley Mechanical Warranty comes as standard with all Harley-Davidson Originals used bikes giving you peace of mind that even if the motorcycle has been worshipped by someone else it's been painstakingly inspected to ensure that it lives up to the mark.

When and only when your Harley-Davidson has passed the rigorous 99 point check will a warranty be issued. It will last for a year and you also have the option to extend the warranty for a further one or two years to ensure that you and your motorcycle are protected longer.

If you purchase a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle you're already protected by the Harley Mechanical Warranty which comes as standard and also have the option of an extended warranty for up to two years.

Harley-Davidson Warranty Services offers two types of GAP insurance which protect your wallet f you're unlucky enough to have had your motorcycle written off. If you have a new motorcycle and take out replacement bike insurance and that motorcycle is written off, Harley-Davidson warranty services will provide you with a new one, it's simple.

Harley Return To Invoice GAP Insurance alternatively offers you to pay the difference between your insurers write off valuation and the amount you originally paid for it, making sure that you get back the most possible for your motorcycle.

Both types of Harley GAP insurance are designed to make sure that you aren't left pout of pocket and can get back on a new motorcycle as quickly as possible.

Don't forget the simple things too, you can find out about and cover yourself with Harley Rescue and Recovery, Harley Tyre Insurance and Harley MOT Insurance from the Edinburgh Harley-Davison sales team, just give us a call!

*Harley-Davidson Warranty Services is a program offered by Global Insurance Management Limited with warranty issued and underwritten by AXA Insurance UK PLC. AXA Insurance UK PLC and Global Insurance Management Limited are each authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.