Harley-Davidson® Insurance

At Harley-Davidson Insurance Service we offer a comprehensive all inclusive package which has been tailor especially for the discerning needs of the Harley rider. When you insure your motorcycle with Harley-Davidson Insurance Services you will receive the following benefits as standard.

Agreed Value

We offer agreed valued cover of your Harley-Davidson at no extra cost. This is particularly beneficial for those customers who spend a great deal of time and money on accessorising their bike as it means that should your bike be redeemed a right off your guaranteed the full pre agreed value as a settlement.

Full UK and European Breakdown

Our breakdown service includes home starts, puncture assistance, roadside recovery and even re-patriation to the UK from Europe so wherever you ride you know that you are not alone.

European Cover

You can take your Harley-Davidson into Europe and enjoy the ride safe in the knowledge that your bike is insured should anything happen.

Helmet and Leathers

We will cover your helmet and leathers up to the value of £1,250.

Riding Other Harley-Davidsons

So your friend rides a Harley and you want to try it out. No problem with Harley Rider Insurance along as you have their permission our policy offers you comprehensive cover protecting you and their pride and joy.

Replacement Bike

If you purchase a brand new Harley-Davidson and it is written off in the first 12 months we will simply replace the bike for you through your local dealer.

Multi Bike

Aslong as one of your bikes is a Harley-Davidson you can add up to 4 other bikes of any make and model on a single policy.

Legal Protection

We will provide you with up to £50,00 worth of legal aid should you be involved in a non-fault accident. This will help you claim back any loss of earnings or medical bills that you may be liable for.

Discount for HOG members

As a HOG member you will receive 5% discount on your premium.

Discount for completion of Riders Edge Courses

Due to the high standard of training at Harley Riders Edge Centre, if you complete a riders edge course then you will be entitled to a discount on your policy of up to 7.5%.

We're sure you'll agree that Harly Riders Insurance offers a level of cover tailored to the discerning needs of Harley riders. It's designed to make sure that your riding experience is as hassle free as possible leaving you to enjoy the open road.

For a free quotation please call Harley Insurance Services on 0800 988 6983 or visit the website


Harley-Davidson Insurance Services is a trading style of Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.